University of Florida Pediatric Subspecialty Fellowship Moonlighting Policy and Protocol

University of Florida, Gainesville, pediatric subspecialty fellows may be permitted to moonlight with the following stipulations:

  • Limited to fellow’s who have completed their 1st year of fellowship and who have passed their General Pediatrics Certifying Exam
  • Per RRC standards, moonlighting hours must count towards duty hours, therefore moonlighting must not violate any duty hour standards
  • Moonlighting shifts must be approved by program directors and the PME office PRIOR to signing up and working the shift
  • Limited to no more than two shifts per four-week block
  • All administrative duties (duty hour logging, evaluations, vacation requests, etc.) must be up-to-date prior to signing up and working the shift
  • Further division-level stipulations may apply


  1. Moonlighting opportunities offered by chief residents (PAH and intern weekend wards), ED (Fast Track), or external opportunity
  2. Email program director and PME office for approval to work
  3. If approval is given by both program director and PME office, email chief residents, ED, external contact with desired shifts and “cc” program director and PME office on the email